Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visiting Santa

I couldn't decided whether or not to take Joey with us to see Santa due to all of his sensory problems and the chance of getting over stimulated. I didn't even attempt last year mostly due to the fact he had major intestinal surgery less than 1 month before and I didn't want to expose him to all the germs that might be on Santa from all the other children. The year before that was a nightmare but I was hoping 2 years later things might be different. This year, I wanted to give it a try....

We get to the mall about 7:15 and there was a jazz band playing. The noise instantly freaked him out but I knew that it would be the only chance mostly due to the fact I knew I wouldn't have the energy to get all three kids dressed and to the mall again before Christmas. Not to mention, we coordinated with my sister in law to meet us there.

It finally becomes our turn to go see Santa, the second Joey laid eyes on him, it was a total meltdown... Santa was totally awesome, he invited my husband and I to join in on the fun. Aiden jumped right up onto his lap. Leah was a little shy, so my husband held her on his lap. As for Joey, I held him and hoped for the best, LOL!!

The end result was this...

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